Turn Long Hair into a Short Hairstyle without a Snip

Sometimes you just want a different look from your long layered haircut. But what happens when you want to go dramatic but are scissor shy? No problem! Today I?m going to show you a super easy way to turn your long layered haircut into a short and sassy bob without so much as a snip off your ends.

This video will demonstrate exactly how to create this style with a simple ponytail and some well placed bobby pins. This faux bob is the perfect evening or prom hairstyle when you want a dramatic change but without a fussy updo. Eva Longoria Parker did this with a 1920?s feel to it thanks to some soft curls in her left down layers.

Have a look at how easy this style is to create by watching the video below:

This hairstyle was mentioned in my hot trends for spring and summer podcast and is a sure fire way to change up that long layered haircut for something sleeker.

QotD: So what do you think? Are you planning on trying this style? When you do post your thoughts on how easy it was to do and how it looked in the comments section.


  1. That is incredible. Seriously! I cannot wait to try it on myself and my daughter. Thanks!